Cakes 4 Kids of furloughed government workers

 Since the government has been in partial shutdown (with no end in sight) thousands of federal workers have had to work without pay. Some have even had to return Christmas gifts in order to keep their basic needs met. 
 With that being said, how many of these workers have children who have had birthdays in that time? How many birthdays are happening today and for the rest of the shutdown? How many government workers with children are having to choose between keeping the lights on or making their child's birthday special? 

  I'm Shneila Lee, the founder of Cakes 4 Kids in Charlotte NC.  My organization is dedicated to providing customized birthday cakes to children in foster care, while supporting them as they age out by providing cake decorating lessons. I am extending my services to those federal workers affected by this shutdown. 
If you are interested in sending birthday cards and or gift cards to these families.
Please address them to:
ATTN: Cakes 4 Kids Inc.
2600 Grimes st
Charlotte nc 28206 

If you are in need of birthday cake for your child 1-18 please send email to

Federal Employee ID is required at pickup